What is 8 to 10?

The question isn’t really what is 8 to 10, but when is 8 to 10.  Tim, one of the founders of 8 to 10, in a strke of genius wanted to start learning more about his current status of productivity.  During a month long venture of calculating out the time he did and did not do anything productive he started noticing a trend that from 8pm to 10pm he wasn’t really doing anything.  This was the time when video games were played or movies would be watched.  During this time he discovered that what happens during this 8 to 10 period would typically carry on through out the night and would even influence the decisions that were being made for the next day.   After a few conversations with Stu, the equally as awesome co-founder, they decided to use this 8 to 10 time frame to do something different.

We realize that not everyone will have the same exact time frame, 8 to 10, but there is a moment in your day when you have two hours that could change where you want to go.  Our blog is designed to explore creativity, entrepreneurship and process.  We believe that by taking 2 hours out of the day to discuss these issues with you all we will start creating a world full of polymaths, renaissance people, people who are thought leaders and thinkers.  Please contact us if you are interested in being a long term contributor to this 8 to 10 concept.